Ruod Ariete - Project Assistant

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Ruod Headshot

Ruod Ariete is a Project Assistant for Communications and Advocacy of the Human Rights and Justice Team at Harm Reduction International. Ruod is a communications and learning specialist with over five years of experience in facilitation, digital marketing, and advocacy promotion. They have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of the Philippines Diliman and are currently a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at the same institution. 

Prior to joining Harm Reduction International, Ruod worked as the Public Engagement and Capacity Building Coordinator at NoBox Philippines, a leading harm reduction-focused drug policy organisation based in Metro Manila, Philippines. Their work focused mainly on the conceptualization and implementation of various workshops, events, and other initiatives in partnership with other civil society organisations, international organisations, and local government units. Ruod headed the organising committee for the Philippine Harm Reduction Summit 2021, which gathered harm reduction advocates from all over the Philippines and abroad to collaborate on ideas and action toward more responsive and appropriate drug laws in the country. 

Ruod likes to shine their queer light on challenging the binary views on drugs and gender. They always find ways to inject nuance and a little fun into every engagement.

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