HR23 Sponsorship Brochure

Date: 28 July 2022

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Harm Reduction International and its Australian partners, AIVL, ASHM, HRVic and INHSU, welcome all potential sponsors for what promises to be another high profile, high impact conference. HR23 in Melbourne is set to be the year’s biggest global gathering for the harm reduction community and an important forum for professionals working in public health, human rights, drug policy and services for people who use drugs.

Harm Reduction International’s 2023 conference venue, the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre, is ideal for our biennial gathering, with a spectacular, open-plan, airy exhibition space, sitting right on the banks of the Yarra and streaming with natural light. HR23 presents an opportunity too good to miss for organisations and individuals looking to maintain or enhance their profile with a diverse conference audience.

Of course, we wouldn't host a conference in 2023 without an online element to enable people who can't or don't want to travel to attend and we expect a substantial virtual audience in addition to our 1,000+ in-person delegates.

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