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Final Harm Reduction Messages for the Global Fund Replenishment PDF document

09 September 2022

Key harm reduction messages for the replenishment conference, implementation of new Global Fund Strategy and NFM4 Read more

HR23 Sponsorship Brochure PDF document

28 July 2022

Harm Reduction International and its Australian partners, AIVL, ASHM, HRVic and INHSU, welcome all potential sponsors for what promises to be another high profile, high impact conference. HR23 in Melbourne is set to be the year’s biggest global gathering for the harm reduction community and an important forum for professionals working in public… Read more

Joint letters to OHCHR and UNODC on the announced execution in Singapore of Nazeri bin Lajim for drug offences PDF document

19 July 2022

Harm Reduction International, together with over 40 organisations from around the world, published open letters today calling on OHCHR and UNODC to take urgent action concerning the imminent execution of Nazeri bin Lajim (‘Nazeri’) for drug trafficking in Singapore. If carried out, Nazeri's will be the fifth execution in Singapore – all for drug… Read more

Tailoring Vaccination Campaigns and COVID-19 Services for People Who Use Drugs PDF document

13 July 2022

Harm Reduction International worked with UNODC to develop technical guidance to support harm reduction services and decision makers to advocate for the provision of COVID-19 vaccines to people who use drugs, without discrimination; and facilitate off-site clinic or integrated provision of COVID-19 vaccines at harm reduction services (as feasible… Read more

HRI Seeks Media Consultant for HR23

02 June 2022

HRI is seeking an experienced Media Consultant to work on the Harm Reduction International Conference 2023 (HR23). You can read about the consultancy and find out how to apply by downloading the  Invitation to Submit Proposal . Read more

75th World Health Assembly - Drugs, HIV, Hepatitis and Russian Aggression PDF document

30 May 2022

HRI tracked three agenda items at WHA75: the public health dimension of the world drug ‘problem’; the global health sector strategies on HIV, hepatitis and STI harm reduction; the resolution on Russian aggression in Ukraine. Read more


26 May 2022

Members of Parliament (MPs) have witnessed the harmful consequences of ill-thought COVID-19 responses on individual and public health, as well as on governance, in their respective constituencies; in some contexts, legislative powers have been suspended or weakened with simultaneous expansions of executive power, with potentially far-reaching… Read more

Harm Reduction International Launches 2021 Annual Report PDF document

06 April 2022

2021 marked our 25th year as an organisation. We have grown from a small group in Liverpool showing international visitors a bold harm reduction approach, to a global leader in analysis, advocacy and convening the sector. There have been great strides in the recognition of the role of health and human rights in the response to drugs. We are proud… Read more

Singapore Executes Man for Drugs, Marking a Resumption of Executions After Two Year Pause PDF document

30 March 2022

Abdul Kahar bin Othman was executed in Singapore early morning today. Mr Kahar Othman was sentenced to death for a drug offence in 2015. This marks the first execution in Singapore after two-year pause. Read more

UN Working Group on Arbirtrary Detention - Guides PDF document

17 March 2022

The Working Group has the mandate to investigate cases of deprivation of liberty imposed arbitrarily or inconsistently with the international standards set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or the international legal instruments accepted by the States concerned. Read more

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